I dont know what to do with my boy friend?

This guy I started dating is really sweet and nice and he had a crush on me so I decided to give him a shot even though I don't really know him. When we started texting he already started talking about kissing me and how he loves me and coming over to my house it started to creep me out and I kept saying I would prefer to take things slow because we don't really know each other. He told me his story and it was really sad and I felt so bad for him it is terrible what has happened in his family and now he keeps on saying how much he loves me and that he doesn't want me to leave him and he is saying it over and over and over again and I'm really creeped out and scared. Is this bad should? I break it off?


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  • By what you are saying, even though I am not an expert break it off... No matter the story. Just say that you are kind of creeped out or even get the message across by maybe leaving your phone talking to your friend like "I am sort of creeped out" For him to see and he will see? Hope I helped!

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