How should I go about asking out this girl?

Any girl I've asked out in the past I've known for long enough to know what they like and whether things might work out but I haven't gotten to talk to this girl much and don't really have the chance to. I've seen her maybe 7 times in the past 3 weeks if I'm lucky. I think she's really cute and she seems like a great girl but I don't know how to approach her,

Usually I know more about a girl before I ask. I really just want to know if there is something I should do or something I should avoid doing since I don't know her all that well and don't want to come across as creepy or something worse...


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  • Just be honest, tell her that you know you guys don't know each other that well yet and you don't wanna come across as creepy, but you want to take her out on a date.

    • Does that ever really work? Other than movies I've never heard of it working out well. Even the girls I know have told me that they want to get to know someone before they even consider them as a candidate for dating.

    • Yes. Just be honest with her.

  • Depending on what she likes, its best to become close to her if you want a good relationship. Maybe even friends first but dont let her friend zone you. Take a romantic moment to kiss her if she lets you then you know your in, if not, ask if you can take her out on a date to see how she feels. Thats how I would like it.

    • I don't get the chance to even talk to her though, even today, I have no class, but I went to school solely to try to catch her after her classes but she had to leave really fast.

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    • Well thanks for giving me your perspective on this, I'll try my best with her, she's the first girl I've met that I know for sure is single at least at the moment, so hopefully I can make something of it.

    • Good luck, dont forget the complements. i PROMISE you will be on her mind if you do.

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