Should I watch the movie upstairs where there is privacy or downstairs?

Okay, so Monday I'm going to watch a movie with a girl I made out with, you can say it's a date. We are going to watch the movie at my place. I have two sisters, a dog (that farts alot), and both my mom and dad are at home.

It's the first time she will see my home and my family, she had doubts at first because she said that a lot of guys that "wanted to watch a movie" just wanted to have sex and she just didn't want that to happen again. I told her I'm not that kind of guy (I'm not and I'm not going to try anything except for making out). So she agreed to watch a movie at my place.

Should I watch it upstairs so we can have a bit of privacy and do whatever we want? Because I can understand she'll probably feel most comfortable when we are alone..

But then again, I don't want her to think I'm just trying to get her into bed and it might be a little bit weird that if I invite her and we just go upstairs and watch a movie whole night?

When I did this before I just went up to my room but now that I'm thinking of it maybe it is not the best place to watch a movie.

So, what would you guys do, watch downstairs or upstairs?

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  • Upstairs for sure man... like you should ask, but presumably she'll say it doesn't matter either way. Then you go upstairs


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  • Ask her where she would rather watch. She'll say it doesn't matter, then go upstairs and don't try to bone her. You'll get major brownie points.

    • Wasn't planning on trying to bone her haha, I'm starting to fall for this girl and I want to play my cards right :)

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    • Hm the uncomfortable feeling is probably more downstairs then upstairs, since she said she is scared to meet my parents and sisters haha

    • I don't doubt that, but never hurts to have a contingency plan.

  • let her choose


What Guys Said 2

  • LOL!!! At the dog that farts a lot.

    I'd go for the upstairs. She should trust you.

    • Yes well they smell really.. reaaally bad, no joke.. :)

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    • Yeah his parents allow him to do now that I've thought about it. They said it's a custom in their village. The boys do that so that they well eventually be ready for girls. I mean it sounds bizarre to us, but there that's what they do.

    • How can you even get excited about that? I wouldn't even be able to cum

  • upstairs (filler)

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