Would a girl keep calling everyday if she just wanted to be friends?

Okay I'm wondering, if a girl "wants to be friends" i basically take that as she's not interested. I get that if you're in the friend zone she will probably talk to you, even want to hang out sometimes but this girl is calling me literally every day and saying that she misses me and she loves being around me. This throws me off because I figured if I just dont contact her, we would kinda go our separate ways because she's just not into me and is trying to be nice about it. Is this normal or is she still interested?


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  • Sure, I have a really close guy friend that i really like (in a friendly way). And then someday he told me that he like me. I was speechless because i never see him in a romantic way. I reject him in a kind way and after that i still text or call him a lot like before. But i would tell you, eventhough a girl just wanted to be friends they will still have that little feeling towards you.
    And its not because she is not interested, maybe she still deciding are you a good one or not.


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  • I would tell her this "Listen, I'm sure you like hanging out with me, but I don't hang out with girls I'm not dating. Are you interested in going out, or not?"

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