Do I still like my boyfriend, does he like me?

I have only been dating my boyfriend for 2 months. The first month was heaven. The second has been okay. We have had a few tough talks. But nothing that is terrible. I have come to the conclusion that I am more religious than he is. And my religion is very important to me. So thats been a set back. But aside from that. I try hard to look good and be a great girlfriend for him. Last night I sat at home and applied this nail kit, I thought it was pretty. I did my makeup and I sent him some pictures of me all cute. I sent him a sweet text that i loved him and wanted him. He never responded I assume because he was at work. He shows up to see me. Drove 30 mins at 10 at night to see me. He says nothing about what I look like Says he hates the color of my nails, he asks me if I even like them? Later I start kissing him. He gets turned on, I had been turned on all day. He touches me for a little then stops the whole thing. He then tells me he is bored because their is no internet or cable. I am frustrated. Later I tell him sorry you were bored. He says its okay I was with you. Finally something sweet! Then he falls asleep at my house. Wakes up kisses me goodnight and Leaves. IS this normals?


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  • I'm thinking that maybe he's bored but he still cares for you and whats to keep the relationship together.

    • What do I do to make it more exciting?

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    • Well, i have made him dinner, and we want to take a road trip. However, this weekend he is going on a bachelor party over night. How do I keep him missing me and wanting me while he is gone? Please help

    • Just check in on him periodically. This is bachelor party time, so its "guy time". Let him enjoy himself by keeping your distance, but send him a quick text like "I thought about you today. I hope you're enjoying your weekend, ill talk to you soon". Something short and meaningful.