First date, First kiss, instant chemistry and feeling sparks, is this true love?

I know what infatuation is, but what is true love? If you feel at home, feel comfortable with that person, and when you feel like you already know them for some reason, what is this feeling?


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  • True love is brushing your teeth in the bathroom whilst they take a shit.


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  • Aren't first 6 months infatuation? And then after that depending how well your personalities actually matched you can make it work or not? Good luck to you. Hope you have some better self-insight and experience at your age than the hormones-filled adolescents, lol!

  • It turned into love when he became apart of my thoughts. I'd think not only about myself and how certain decisions I'd make benefited me, but how they'd benefit him. It wasn't just about me anymore; it was about us. I'd still say that I'm a independent person. But for me, it's like I now have this buddy or partner that means a lot in my life. That's how I personally figured it was love.


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