I don't have a clue, or maybe yes. Help me please?

I like this guy since I met him in 2012. Only sex for him, I loved him.
Now we've been 5 months without seeing each other, I haven't looked for him, he hasn't contacted me either but:

-He sent me pictures on a dating site and a wink, I replied messaging him on Facebook, and that was all (you are cute, you are hot, blah blah).
-Two days ago I posted two pictures on Facebook, he liked both plus he sent me the following message at night:
"I was picturing myself kissing you"

I replied in the morning: "You are sweet. I can picture it too"

He was online on messenger through the morning yet he didn't open my message, he only opened in the afternoon and then he didn't reply. Nothing. Not a word.

I have to take it as he was just being friendly, right? Like a compliment but nothing more?


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  • Sounds like he is stringing you along. Just in case he is heated and needs sex. Sorry, I know you like him, but it doesn't sound like he likes you the same way. If you just want sex, that's fine, but if you want more, I wouldn't waste time on him. Even if he is shy, he would make it a point to know he was interested in more. If he wasn't shy to express his interest in wanting sex with you, he shouldn't be shy to express his feelings either. You sent him a message, but didn't open until much later. Then he didn't even have the respect to reply. That should tell you all you need to know, about how he feels about you. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

    • Thank you very much! I just unfriended him on Facebook, and set my pictures to private. I also deleted my online datin account he used to send me pictures of him. I hope I'll forget about him.

    • Your welcome, I hope I helped. You seem like a nice person. You will be fine. So many fish in the sea. lol.

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  • He's probably looking for more sex.

    • Then, do you think he's not pursuing it because this time i dont look as desperate as other times?

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    • All of the above, block him and ignore him. Find someone in your life worth your time. :)

    • I just unfriended him.

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  • forget he is just looking for more fun from you if a guy is so interest he wouldn't play that game " Hard "

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