Is he like me or not? Confusing!!!

I'm not quite sure What do he think. He is my apartment mate and we just know each other for 1 month. First, he did not talk to me much but after we went out 1 day just to bought something. We started to talk more. He always text me almost everyday when we didn't have the same day off. (Even we are at work and sit opposite side of the office ) I feel like he talked to me everything, share me his feeling when he feel stressful from work or from friend.
One day, he asked me how to go to the department store. When I asked why he need to go, he told me that he just need to buy a slipper for me because he saw I walked in the room with bare feet. (That's department is quite far from the apartment )
Once, I was lost the way and we were chatting. After he knew, he came straight time pick me up immediately after he finished work.
For all of this, I feel good to him but not quite sure that What do he think to me. If he like me or not. Should I ask him directly or just let it go? Feel a bit confusing now.


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