Any tips for getting into a long distance relationship?

so me and my yeah crush, don't know how to call it yet.. we're going to try long distance.. do you have any tips/advice?


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  • Keep those doors of communication open AT ALL TIMES.
    Because communication is all you have, it becomes even more important that you be completely OPEN and HONEST 100% of the time.
    It's not easy, it takes a lot more work.
    Make time for each other... for REAL calls, not just textual communication.
    Video chats are nice too, keeps you both feeling real and there for each other.
    If you start to wander, become interested in someone else, it's important that you think of yourself as truly taken, IF you are. So you guys need to talk about exclusivity and things like that.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • I would recommend not to start anything until you get back...

    My 3 year relationship didn't last because I was taking classes in another province and we tried long distance and it didn't work out.

    If you put things on hold, also since it's just a crush, you can explore a bit more and if either of you find someone else, it wouldn't hurt as much.

    I'm just saying this from my personal experience because I broke up with my serious girlfriend of 3 years whereas you guys just started your relationship.

    not worth the head ache and frustrations imho.

  • Long distance at your age probably isn't worth it. You're very young, you can find good guys that are closer to you. That distance will strain your heart.

  • Yeah. Don't.


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  • Long distance relationship is really hard , are U sure about this? When you need him, he Will not able to hug you And A few words on phone Will not help you..

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