Ex bf keeps confusing me. What do I do?

I agreed to my ex bf's suggestion, that we should break up and I could feel that he was contemplating whether we should end it or not. I accepted the breakup and didn't say much. Anyway, in my text I asked how I should go about giving him his shirt (which I had borrowed the week before) and asked if I could drop it in the letter box.

He then went on to say that we could meet instead. I said okay and he suggested Sunday, along with asking me how I was doing.

I then replied that I was alright and asked him how he was doing. He went on to say "tired by work and my thoughts... i need some rest"

Why is he telling me that he is tired of his thoughts?


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  • Because he's attention seeking and waiting for you to ask what he means by that.. so he can then tell you how shit he's feeling right now

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