How do I teach him how to give oral? 31 year old guy afraid to learn/try?

I'm dating a 31 year old guy who has had sex with over 10 girls, but has NEVER given oral. I'm not sure how that happens haha. He said he doesn't like the taste/whatever. Anywho, he's willing to learn. Still slightly apprehensive... how do I teach him/make it the best experience possible for him? I'm guessing sitting on his face to start is NOT a good way to go haha. He also said he thinks flavored lubricants are bad for you... so I'm a bit at a loss. Any suggestions?


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  • Well make sure you're clean. If it's a taste factor, you can make sure your diet is high in fruits - espeically pineapple. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol.. as well as garlic and onions.

    If you want a flavored lube that's good for you, try using coconut oil (that you buy in the grocery store). It's very good for you and tastes good as well.

    • ohh coconut oil. That's a good idea. Just to make it clear, he's never ever gone down on me. Those are just his prior experiences of not liking it. Didn't know fruit made a difference. Is there any research on any of that?

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    • Ha. And if not, you can give me your # :p

    • hahahahhaha oh gosh!

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  • Shave down there, or at least trim it a LOT.

    If he's apprehensive about the taste or odour, do it with you fresh out of the shower.

    Lie back, maybe hold your lips open to start with and let him go for it.

    You probably don't need lube. His tongue is wet, so is your vagina.

    Guide him a bit with your hands maybe, or get him to hold your hand and you can squeeze when you're enjoying what he's doing so he knows to keep doing that!

    • Trim how much though? Shaving doesn't work well, I find. Pain is not worth the pleasure. He didn't mention hair being a problem. He said he doesn't like the taste. He's never tried on me though. Maybe he's old fashioned. He said he thinks said should be w/ the penis in the vagina.. and that's about it haha. I suggested flavored lube for him since he doesn't like the taste. He said there's science that lube is bad for you?

    • Trim it as short as you dare if you don't want to shave it. I don't want a mouth full of hair (neither does the girl, it gets between my mouth and her parts) and I won't/can't do my best work if there's any. Lube isn't bad for you! Maybe keep something flavoured to hand if he's that worried or put off by the taste, but if you're fresh from the shower then that should be good.

    • Maybe chocolate or something haha... but that's messy. Nah, it's too painful to shave. Then it comes back all spiky and you can't do anything for like a month b/c the razor burn is so bad.

  • First of all lube isn't unhealthy for you... perfectly safe.

    Secondly if he can get you wet enough you won't need the lube and would give him no excuse to go down

    Thirdly maybe not all guys like going down on girls?

    Forth and finally, if you go down on him, he should return the favour.

    • Yeah, I think flavored lube would help him, but he's all apprehensive. He apparently doesn't like the taste. He's never tried on me though. I do go down on him... but he hasn't returned the favor. He says he just prefers to have sex (like what we're "meant" to do). Maybe he's just old fashioned ha.

  • Shaving down yonder also helps, in addition to what yaddayaddayadda02 said.

  • Grab him by the ears and say "kiss me where it smells funny!"

    • hahaha no... that won't work

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