Is there such a thing as being superficial/shallow?

People always talk about how others can be shallow/superficial if they only go for the looks in a partner. They are negative terms used to make others feel bad about who they choose as a partner in a relationship.

Isn't it just a matter of preference though? Some people may look for an attractive person and nothing more. It's just a preference and there is nothing wrong with having a preference.

My big question to you is, can these terms really be used negatively about someone?

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  • There is a statistic out there that says more than half of marriages end in divorce, but did you know that the percentage of marriages that end in divorce tanks if they couple gets married after an age of 25. I feel like this can be compared to food. When we were little, we would eat whatever we wanted, because we liked what it did for us in the that given moment, leaving a good taste in our mouth. Now that we are older, we don't really try to eat junk food every day because we know it isn't healthy. I feel like the same thing can be said with relationships. We want whatever sounds good for us in that given moment, and go for that instead of whats actually good for us, but as we get older we find that the things that may not seem as pretty or alluring are actually the things we need in our lives.


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  • With a partner you can yes be overcritical but fair does your preference. I believe being superficial is a bad thing when it impacts your ability to make friends. I won't date guys I don't find attractive but of course I'll get to know them and be their friend. I won't say you have no value because you're ugly. That is when a person is shallow and superficial. Otherwise it's preference and that's none of my business. *Cue Kermit drinking lemonade*

    • Yeah I can agree with that. If someone thinks that the person has no value because they are unnattractive.

    • Also, haha at the Kermit drinking lemonade

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