When should I introduce my boyfriend to my family and friends?

We've been together for a month and half so far. Before that we've been talking for three months. He hasn't met any of my friends yet, he met my cousins somewhat, it was a brief hi and bye. Anyways my mom can be very judgmental so I'm really nervous about that, but I think my boyfriend is great that's why I have the thought of him meeting my family on my mind. Also, we've gotten together around major holidays that are coming up such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, I don't know if it's too soon to Invite him over with family.


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  • You've only been together for a month and a half so I think it's too early unless you're both really eager to meet each others' families. I'd give it more time, especially since your mom can be judgmental, it's probably best not to involve her just yet.


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