How do I get the guys I want to love me?

I can attract the guys I like long enough for them to hook up but they don't fall inlove with me, mean while I have a bunch of ugly, nerdy, loser, not at all my type of guys who try waaaaay to hard to get me and are inlove with me. I want a boyfriend but I refuse to date any of the guys who like me because they turn me off, however when I do talk to a guy I really like he disappears after a week how can I make him love me like the guys I don't like love me?


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  • "Cause only the good guys can get, what they're coming for
    And all of the dreamers must take, what's apart"

    --Aqua in Good Guys.

    So... you want to be what they are coming for? Welll.. that's a matter of taste I guess. Become what they like, and if you hate what you become, then your wisdom levels up, otherwise you get what you want.

    Do you think a handsome guy in the fast lane making six figures is going to respect a girl for her intellect? Not by a long shot, he'll have the brains for both of you. Your best bet is to be sweet as possible. They like girls who are sweet, kind, and patient. A highly talented man will not see the talents of a girl, not as a matter of hubris, but as literally feeling the ordinary around him because of what he is.

    A smart girl can still impress those ugly losers though =-)

    • This is why I'd give anything to trade my 3.5 gpa to be a hot barbie girl

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    • That's the spirit! :)

    • They never want to date me though they just want to sleep with me

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  • the answer is you can't.
    you can't do some voodo or hex that cutie to like you, the only thing you can do is start doing things that make you interesting and cool person to be around.
    simply said:
    find some hobby
    play instrument (cool thing)
    dance like master yoda
    some sport or social activity that can make you have better interaction with people
    (how you appear to them is what brings them to their conclusion wether you are a fuck or awesome, you still won't get a 100% win rate)

    • Thanks, I already do have hobbies though

    • did I mention love? this is how you get guys interested. love is something we can't calculate

  • Well, just let those geek guys read this and half your problem will be solved...

    • Good cause I hate them

  • Stop hooking up with him until he gets to know you


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