WHY HIM.. Of all people?

So my friend Carlos joined my college in September and ever since then we have been seeing quite a lot of each other, I then had a feeling I have never had toward him, I really like him and could see us together but I have no idea how to tell him how I feel without getting awkward and ruining what I already have with him which is an amazing friendship.. so I am wondering if anyone has any good ways of telling someone you like them without getting yourself into an awkward situation?


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  • Just take it slow and enjoy your time with him. Relax and let things take it's course. If it was meant to be it will happen.

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    • Good. Keep me updated please.

    • things are going well thank you

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  • You (cheerful manner): "Hey Carlos, how are you doing today?"
    Carlos: "..."
    You: "How wonderful and glad to hear. Listen, we have an amazing friendship but I want to tell you that whatever I am about to say hopefully does not affect our friendship. I feel very comfortable when I am with you and it feels marvelous, so I would like ask you, would you be my boyfriend?"

    • that seems so simple yet I couldn't think of it, thank you :)

    • Simplicity seems way better due to the fact that sometimes there could be confusion. Always do it person-to-person, that way you get to see their reaction, body language, etc...

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