Why does my ex do this?

Why does my ex do this? We hookup a lot and when I'm with him he always tells me how much he likes me and he acts like he might want something with me, and he is so clingy when I'm with him. Telling me how long he has liked me for and just completing me... But then in school (I'm in highschool by the way) he acts like he doesn't know me whatsoever. Sometimes he avoids eye contact with me? I just don't understand at all. And the worst part is he acts like he really likes me when I'm with him so does anyone know why he does this?


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  • At your age, everyone is still figuring out their feelings and attraction is something odd. There are also stupid relational politics, maybe wondering what people think when they see him, plus he's possibly trying to figure out who he is as a person... etcetera. In a nutshell, the high school years are stupid.

    I would sit down and directly address this stuff with him in an open, compassionate, and honest way.

  • Cause he knows how to make you latch on to him and allow him to keep hooking up with you. The younger and more naive you are the more this applies to you: Guys use love to get sex, Girls use sex to get love. As you grow and mature it becomes less so, but at your age, this definitely pertains to you.


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