How to get my ex back?

I realized how badly I have messed up and he still likes me but he's not ready to date again and I get that. But we still talk and he says he always wants to kiss me and I want to prove to him that the way I was when we were dating was not who I really am. I was in a tough situation and I didn't know how to handle it. i really like him and I want him back.. he makes me so happy and I don't know what to do to fix this


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  • Sit him down and talk to him plainly about all this. If he's still wary, then give him his space and let him be, but make sure he knows that you still carry a torch for him.

    I wish you well wherever this goes!

  • Too easy. Just apologize. or repeat what you just wrote here AFTER you apologize.

    • I have multiple times and he says the same thing

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    • Then he is keeping you as a fall back/a spare tire... just in case he can't find someone else. He may like you... but I believe once someone puts you in that position... the longer it goes.. the less likely it will work. (unless you are good) I have been in it for damn near a decade lol.
      I recommend working on either leaving him or friend-zoning him. permanently.

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