How to help a boyfriend going through a very rough patch?

My boyfriend's grandfather is dying of cancer and this week they received news that he doesn't have long. They were very close and they live on separate continents now so my boyfriend is scared he won't get to see him one last time. He's made plans to travel to see him in a month but I think he's scared he won't last that long. I know that as an introvert space is important for him. I also made it clear that if he needs anything he should let me know and I make an effort to always be positive when we're together or just talking on the phone. I just don't know how else to support him?


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  • I think you've done a lot already! Be there for him, give him space and let him know you're thinking of him. Maybe you could ask him about it from tine to time casually, just to let him know you're comfortable with the subjekt?