Should you feel like you're alone in a relationship?

Lately I've been feeling by myself in my relationship. We've been together for a month now. He only sees me on weekends never does he come see me during the week. He we don't even talk anymore. I tell him good morning and won't respond till the next day if that. I'm beginning to lose my feelings for him and since I can't contact him b/c he won't even respond to me, I can't tell him.

When he does come over on the weekends it be around midnight or later and in the mornings he's gone by 11AM.

What should I do?

P. S He told me he loves me but I just think he wants to get to have sex with me quicker and I can see right through that lie.

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  • Hi:) this guy does not care enough to make you happy. Every woman wants to feel loved and secure, it's super important in a relationship. Unfortunately, if you don't bring this to his attention and try to work on things it will end in failure. On the bright side, that is ok because you are still young and have a long road ahead of you to meet someone that brings you happiness, love, security, and comfort. Either way it all will happen for a reason. Just take a deep breath and realize that it will not be the end of the world if you decide to leave. :)


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  • I got to the 3rd line and stopped. He's not even worth ur time. Find someone who actually wants u


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  • Sounds like a waste of time. Move on to someone who wants to be with/around you. You deserve a good guy.

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