This girl is a bit hard to read, but I think she's interested?

She accepts my dates but usually texts that she will be late. She comes and is really interested, talks, rubs her earrings and flips her hair... Pushes her leg against mine. Touches my arm. I walk erhome and kiss her goodnight but her lips are a bit tense. However, she pushes her body into me.

I'll text her and sometimes she responds quick but during the day or night it is really slow. She Talks about telling me stuff in the future. When I high five her she is slow and touches my hand longer (rather than a slap).


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  • she's sounds like she's comfortable with u and likes you, so i think your good. :)

    • Maybe the slow texting and being late to our dates is something? I know she is really
      Into work

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    • Most girls I've dated, we were hot and heavy early on

    • Yeah, things are slow right now cuz it's just the beginning & it will pick as u guys grow closer to each other. :)

  • I think that this girl likes you but is worried about something. It may have been a previous relationship problem or just you make her nervous (In a good way). Also, for the late text it may just be she is debating with hersef on what to say or she was just really busy at the moment. I wish I had a crystal ball cause If I did I would totally help you first but good luck I hope you guys start getting that love action on soon ;).

    • Yeah, maybe since we're just dating it is slow. I know she is busy and when she's out with me she's always willing to stay longer. I invites her out last night and she couldn't make it or said she was meeting a girlfriend and turned it into a girls night. She is busy tonight going out to a friend's birthday.

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