Do even the best people do horrible things? And still be good?

Say someone that doesn't hurt anyone on purpose and tries to avoid that at all costs, because they don't want someone to do it to them so why do it to others. Could they be with someone but if they got the chance to be with someone else, (like that other person is just like perfect for them and they need them. That they're just different in a way) does that make them a bad person? And that they were never good in the first place? And they didn't do it on accident, like they knew that it could possibly of happened.


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  • how many "likes" are in that statement lol
    You are thinking too hard hon... I think I get what you mean.. ur the one that thinks you did something horrible? I think... you just made a choice is all...
    ---if on the off chance you are talking about someone else... THEY made a choice...
    it doesn't mean any of you is bad... okay?

    • Haha sorry about that. I didn't realize there were so many likes. xD and ya that makes sense.

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    • Okay. That makes sense. Thanks soo much

    • you are welcome... feel free to vote me as MHO...(even though I am the only opinion lol)

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