Im a freshman in high school I just started dating someone. he knows I don't like when people drink but did it anyway before we hung out what do I do?

So i know im high school and everyone drinks and stuff and my grades really bad but im not a big fan. I just started dating someone that i had a thing with for a while. And by just started i mean it it's been like almost a week. We just had our homecoming football game and we were both so excited. He hung out with his friends before and I guess they all drank. He came up to me when I was with my friends and we walked away from them and then I smelt the alcohol and I wanted to go back and talk to my friends he agreed even though he didn't want me to, but I asked my friend that's pretty good friends with him and she said she smelt it too. I absolutely can't stand the smell. I didn't no what to do it makes me extreamly uncomfortable. I talked to my other friend and I completely broke down and started crying she talk to his good friend also my good friend and they talked to him. His friends kept coming up to me and stuff and they waned me to talk to him so I was really nervous cause im really bad at talking about my feelings sometimes and i explained it to my friend and she got him so I could talk to him, but I couldn't like nothing would come out i couldn't speak. It was bad i kept looking at my friend and i started crying and he eventually walked away. We tried to talk again and i actually talked that time, and he said sorry and stuff but he reaked of alcohol. He tried to get like Gatorade and stuff to make it better but it really didnt. He held my hand i we were walking and I still felt shitty and uncomfortable about the whole thing he said he would drink around me anymore and stuff but I don't no what to do and whether or not to break up with him or what cause it seems like he's the first guy I've ever dated that seems really into me but he's kinda mad at me now cause I wouldn't talk that much cause I could barley get it out, and he doesn't understand how I feel. by the way im a freshman im high school and my grade is SOO bad with drinking and drugs and stuff.


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  • Looks like he was fighting the smell cause of you. Take it from an recovering alcoholic... we don't care what you think. but it looks like he tried. Communicate with him that you don't like when he drinks, and why and see what he does about it. I have had lots of girl friends (just friends) who hated it when people drank but they never thought I was drinking even though I did. When they found out, they relaxed a little because they knew I could hold it. You don't know if he can hold it, but again, it seems like he tried to do something about it. Probably for you.

    • thanks for the vote... im getting a lot of it this week lol

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