Should I take him back after he hooked up with another girl while we were broken up?

Me and my bf of 2 1/2 have been broken up for 2 mnths now. We were super close and had a rlly rlly special bond an did everythig together. We broke up bec he thought our futures were headed in separate directions and r diff religions. So he wanted a break (wntd me back after 3 days but thought hedidnt fully think it out) which ended in a break up he was confused about everything and needed space to think. a lot of his friends have been against us and hos attention became more on the house he just moved with 9 oter guys. We saw eachother a week later and found out he madeout wit another girl wen he was drunk 2 days after our official break up. But said he felt rlly shitty about it. He kept playing wit my hair, wanting to hold my hand and ect. E said how he wnted to hang n ect. A couple days later he kept txting hey for days as said he's been hoping to tlk. Found out it was just small tlk and wntd to be friends. I am worried if he wanted to get back together I wnt be able to get over him making out wit another girl. We were so close and was obsessed wit me and would cry at the thought of a break up and even cut himself while I was gone in kentucky cuz missed me so much. Wats it like getting back together wit an ex after they hooked up wit someone while broken up?


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  • It sucks! I still have a hard time thinking about the stuff that happened when me and my man broke up but if you love him you forgive him because it wasn't to hurt you it was him trying to get over you. I know it sounds stupid but I think if you were meant to be then it will bug you, yeah, but you can get over it and know that he loves you and only you

    • U took him back after he hooked up wit someone else? U guys still together? Does it still bother u?

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    • We did hang out for a little while after we broke up but then we stopped I can't remember why exactly but after about 7 months we started hanging out more and more again and we both wanted to get back together. I've felt the same exact way about not wanting him to think he can have the single life and me and all that. I just know I could never love someone like I love him and he could never love someone like he loves me. If he's the right one you'll know and he'll know and you guys will be fine. It is hard to let go just remember that he wasn't doing anything to try to hurt you, he was more likely hurt and trying to get over it.

    • Ah ok thanks for all your help! But he just told me nt to long ago sry for getting my hopes up. And he just doesn't know about our futures and tryinf to fig everything out for himself and mad at himself for how things turned out. So I think us being done is for good now

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  • I was getting ready to tell you that if he slept with someone else while you were broken up, you were broken up.

    So he kissed someone while you were broken up.


  • yes you can take him back, you two were broken up it wasn't cheating. Here is the point unless you are go friend and boyfriend, if two people are just dating and seeing each other it's completely okay for them to see other people as well until the point that they say and agreed that they are dating as in boyfriend and girlfriend. It is ok to see others. Of course you can take them back you weren't dating but if you start dating now just be you and him


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