How do I deal with the fact that I live with the guy I like and he doesn't know that I like him?

This summer I moved in with the guy i like (just as friends) I've never told him I actually like him (and I mean completely head over heels). But how can I move things along and attempt to find out if he likes me without making things awe ward thay we live together and are best friends.


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  • Flirt with him? You have literal home field advantage! Walk around your place half naked, bump into him in the kitchen or bathroom a lot, rub your boobs and butt on him "accidentally" and he should get the hint!

    • If only that would work but we have a kinda flirty friendship to begin with (he does with all his friends really) like the number of times he's poked my boobs or kicked/slapped my butt is absurd... so sadly that doesn't really work...

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    • Okay, sorry, that was a lame joke. Seriously, how about staring into his eyes until he had to break eye contact? My crush stares at me every day. We don't say anything, we just stare and smile. It is really awkward but hot.

    • Haha very relieved that that was only a joke haha but that sounds more manageable thanks :)

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  • Bad idea, I'd recommend against it.

    That being said, subtlety won't get you out of this, because you're friends and he will think you're being simply. So awkward it is then.


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