What do you do after you tell someone you like them?

I'm about to tell my really good friend that I like him! We have been friends for a year. I just don't know what to do if he says he likes me back... Is it a good idea to kiss? He goes to a college 10 minutes away from mine and I don't see him regularly. We are both pretty shy (which is why I'm courageously making the first move). Should we text the next day?
What should I do or say on the off note he does not like me back? I don't want it to be weird between us.


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  • You take a gamble either way. Be strong asker. It's been a year. That's tough. It's high time you gain some resolution regarding this matter. If he feels the same then you can do a spazzy dance, in private of course, and text and call him just like you normally do. Maybe more. If he doesn't, then my heart goes out to you as I have been in your sitch myself. Fear not though, you are at this juncture because you have to be, and you must make a choice or suffer for god only knows how long.


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