Is my jealousy okay?

My ex from 2 years ago is celebrating her 21st birthday tonight. I wasn't invited because some of the people going don't get along with me. Now here's the thing; when we broke up 2 years ago we made a proposition with each other: If in a few years time we don't find anyone that brings as much joy or happiness, we start fresh and try dating again, not a reunion, but a true restart. Well, she's dated quite a few scumbags and guys who just weren't mature. I've dated some girls that ended up crazy, cheaters, but one made me decently happy, alas our paths separated, and I've been alone since then. I gave the proposition to her and she said she thought it might be worth a shot.

I know we're not dating or exclusive yet, but is it okay that I'm jealous that I wasn't invited to her main bash - we went out drinking last night - and other guys were?

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  • She's allowed to be her own person and enjoy company without worrying about inter-friend drama. She went out with you the other night with no problem. Before you get back into this relationship (granted that you do), you're going to need to rein in any jealous tendencies of yours.

    • I strongly agree with you, it's not the biggest jealousy thing, it's more along the lines of "Wish I could be there."

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  • It's unjustified.
    "I wasn't invited because some of the people going don't get along with me."
    She's allowed to have a drama-free birthday party. She most probably sensed that some bad stuff would happen if she invited everyone, since some of you are unable to get along. It was her birthday party, she can invite and not invite whoever she wants. As you said yourself, you're not dating her exclusively, and the both of you have already dated other people since the breakup. Also, she probably went drinking with you last night because she was unable to invite you to her party. Maybe it was like a mini celebration to her.
    Anyway. She's basically allowed to be with whoever she wants. And since you're not together, you don't really have the right to be jealous of the other guys that she hangs out with. Even if you were together, it would still be unjustified, since she's still allowed to befriend whoever she wants to.

    • Definitely agreed, I'd never tell her she couldn't befriend someone or hangout with someone. Just wanted to go haha

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