Should I step up and ask him on date?

So things are very complicating with me and this guy I work with. At first we used to flirt a lot and hook up but one day everything stopped. :( no talkibg, nothing, but it didn't get awkward between us. About 2 weeks ago we started flirting again but very little. We have also gotten to know each other a lot more. I'm just confused. I like the guy; I mean we have a lot in common and he makes me laugh. But he isn't asking me to hang out outside work. Should I man up and ask him on a date or even going out as a group with some of our friends? I don't want things to get awkward at work if he says no or that he doesn't like me that way. Please dudes help me!! What should I do?

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  • group hang out
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  • Since you have to work with him and see him every day, I'd suggest a group hang out instead of asking him out on a date. Go for a drink with other people from work and see where it goes.


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