What should I do? your thoughts/opinions?

I been seeing this guy for some time now, almost 3-4 months. We only kiss, no sex. I met his friends & sister, he said they like me. I see him every week and we go out, hang out. He said he likes me. He says& does stuff that makes it seem like he likes me, but he hasn't said anything yet if we are exclusive or not. I want to ask, if we are boyfriend/girlfriend but at the same time I'm kind of nervous & feel uneasy asking. I dont know what the answer is and in case he says no I'd be pretty bummed. Another reason why I dont wanna ask is cuz we had small arguments before and he took it really bad it's like he's not the type to argue and he just takes me the wrong way so i'm afraid something like this will just make him not wanna talk to me again, and i dont wanna lose him either but yet need to know about this (exclusive thing)

I have a strange gut feeling like maybe it's all just game & he's leading me on, because he is good looking too & kinda heavy drinker+smoker
* edit, not wanna talk to me again: he hasn't ever not talk to me, always did


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  • If I were you I would bring it up on a date. Like maybe when you're at dinner and having a good time just say something like 'so can we officially say we're exclusive?' In sort of a cheeky manor hahah!

    If your gut instinct is starting to say he's playing you I would tread very cautiously as you don't want any unnecessary heart breaks and pain.

    I would also say it could be something to do with sex. Lots of guys I know wouldn't become exclusive with a girl unless the deed has been done as they want to make sure they "enjoy each other's company" so if your gut feeling goes away, dive right in! Don't view sex as such a big deal though, that's when feelings start to get hurt.

    Hope I helped :)

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