Asked a girl out who likes me but didn't say "yes" or "no"?

I met a nice girl and we've been freinds for a whole now. She gives lots of signs that she's in to me (hugging, coming up with reasons to talk to me, walks with me, she absolutely "adors" my eyes...) but occasionally she might say something that would contradict that she likes me so I told it a playing "hard-to-get". So I built up the courage to ask her out and she didn't tell me no, but she's scared of a broken heart or losing a freind. I said something back and she said "that's a really sweet thing to say", we hugged, my bus came and I left school. She doesn't have a phone incase that helps but I do know that she comes from a tough family and I suppose she had a boyfreind a while before who was "mean" to her (cheated mabey?). Any advice on what to do next would be nice...


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  • She is probably just thinking about it ^^ good luck!


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