Am I the "intimidating" kind of woman?

So lately i've been very sad cuz I don't get a relationship,
the past guys i dated rejected me because apparently i am too "intimidating". Honestly I don't see it.

Guys, what makes a woman the "intimidating" kind
and would you reject a girl because of that.


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  • A girl who is very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to eyes are usually intimidating.
    There are obvious reasons why a normal guy won't approach you and feel insecure.
    Hot chix get a lot of attention from guys and generally it is observed that such girls who get lot of attention tend to very promiscuous and infidel in nature. Hence many guys would calculate this risk in a fraction of second and hence do not try to approach.
    Most of the times.. beautiful girls are seen falling for douches and those douches are constant threat to simple nice men.
    Also intimidating girls tend to be quite expensive and the guy thinks " Oh.. no... she won't date a guy like me. Just look at that other guy! He is rich, popular and enjoys his life and knows how to attract a girl. I mean hey no chance for me. May be i would be friendzoned in near future by her in no time"
    This psychology does have impact many a times.
    The above description is applicable only to nice or shy type of guys. Popular guys are not intimidated at all.

    • What about personality?

    • Yeah personality does matter. But they will discover only when they actually talk to you. Isn't it?

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  • I've been having a similar situation this year lol. Its frustrating mm not the same but very similar. So I know how u feel.. Just hang in there :)

    Anyways to ur question, it could mean u come off a bit cold, do u have a wall up? Do u get awkward when they flirt, maybe ure meeting the wrong kind of guys who were aiming for easy chances?

    Do u get awkward socially? U don't intend to but maybe ure giving off wrong signals that just makes them quit. Do u not show enough interest? We guys need hints and clues or we take it as ure just not interested and it intimidates us as a f off signal

    Be specific like how is u and ur date Congo or dates are like

    • I am not shy or cold at all, I mean, I sometimes think is because i am very open and talkative.
      I like the shy/geek type , a friend of mine told me that it might be because i'm just too much to deal with. Is frustrating.

  • A girl who acts like she is perfect and everyone else is below her


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  • Did they tell u in details what they meant by intimidating?
    I would think aggressiveness make one intimidating

    • Once, a guy told me "you're too awesome" ... I dind't know how to answer , i mean I think is really cool that people think you are awesome, eventhough you don't actually pay attention to that.

    • I had people telling me that but I don't see it as intimidating

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