Does he still "really like me"? Because we have a long distance relationship now?

I've been dating a guy for 9 months. But his dad got a new job and they had to move 20 miles away from where I live, we occasionally see each other. Like 1 a week, but when i try to message him he reads it but doesn't reply. He just simply ignores it.
He says he loves me when were together. He hugs me and he always wants me to kiss him. But for some reason, I feel used. I need help and by the way were both 15 so we can't drive. Yet.


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  • I'm so sorry :-(
    How long ago did he move?

    This is definitely a rough situation.
    He's into you when you guys are together, but ignoring you completely when NOT with you?
    That is not cool and not okay.
    Did you guys agree (completely) to stay in a relationship and stay exclusive even after the move?

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