Should this bother me?

So my girlfriend and I go to different colleges. So we see each other at least 3 times a month. When we don't see each other I know she goes out, which I have no problem with. The thing that bugs me is she tells me about how she was kinda drunk and how guys where hitting on her. Or that she fell asleep on a chair in her friends suite. It bugs me that she tells me these things. I don't know why it does, when I known she is some what drunk I don't like to text her because I it bugs me for some reason. Yes I understand that its her last year of college and she wants to have fun. Yeah I like to go out and have a fun time but not on every Friday and Saturday night. I guess it just kinda bugs me. Should it bug me or no. I haven't told her that it does bug me when she does this.


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  • I think I can only tell you this.. Dude ! Jealousy is a terrible disease! Get Well Soon ! :)


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