Been dating exclusively for over a month but he still hasn't asked me to be his gf. Why?

The question.

We've agreed to only seeing each other but he never actually used the term girlfriend, and he hasn't asked me to be his girfriend yet.

I want to ask him, but it would mean a lot to me if he asked me first..

Stepped it up and asked him! Turns out he's been wanting to ask me but he didn't think I wanted to be official yet.


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  • A month is not THAT long. He's probably waiting to make sure that you are willing to be his girlfriend, before asking you.

    If you think he may not ask, then ask him yourself. I know this is not what you want, but who cares as long as the outcome is of the two of you getting into a relationship?

    • It's just kind of confusing for me because he's started leaving his things and a toothbrush at my place.. and he's taken me out with all of his friends, and I've met one of his cousins and he wanted me to be there while his cousin was in town.. I feel like maybe he thinks i'm already his girlfriend but I don't know because he's never actually asked me to be.. How do I bring it up to him if I ask him?

    • Just bring it up in a casual and cool way. Try saying something like "I know we're unofficially official already, so lets just make it officially official" or something similar!

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  • Maybe he is shy. Just ask him if he would like you to be his gf.


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  • It's only been a month and he probably thinks you'll run if he asks this soon. A guy who declares it too fast is usually desperate.