When should girls take the lead in asking out guys?

I always flip flop between whether I should be the one to ask guys out or they should. I respond timely to guys' texts to show I'm interested and suggest grabbing lunch or coffee sometime, but they usually don't get the hint. When should girls take the lead if the guy is too shy or doesn't really do much?


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  • If he is too shy or blind, then you take the lead. Try asking about something else other than coffee. Girls can be too wishy washy. If you like someone, just tell them.


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  • When ever you want. If you like what you see then go for it.

  • Just ask them out whenever. Shy guys will probably not have the courage to ask you out so do him a favor and ask him out.. Who knows, maybe he likes you but is just too shy to make a move.


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  • Gosh, this sounds almost like the story of my life... Lol.

    I do promise that I will try and keep this short though.

    Growing up as I did in a very small English village where of course everyone knew everyone, I was always extremely attracted to just one cute looking boy who also lived in the village.

    Now, remembering that at this time I was just thirteen years old, I thought I was giving out all the right signals that I was interested, and so I waited and waited for him to ask me out, sadly to no avail.

    In the end I took a very deep breath and I asked him out (well, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!) and thankfully he gladly accepted.

    It transpired that he was extremely shy and an almost introvert, he had so much always wanted to ask me out but because of his difficulties and the huge fear of me turning him down found this impossible to do.

    So long story short... We have now been a couple ever since that day... We have lived together for the past seven years... I have slowly but surely turned him into a most confident and outgoing guy, so much so that he is now my business partner.

    And so to the "cherry on top of the icing"... We were married only last month.

    The moral of the story simply has to be "Who Dares Wins"

    I therefore think, perhaps even know, that you know what my advice is to you... Need I say more!