Is he still interested in me?

Ok, so I like this guy a lot and he likes me back. We both know that we like each other and we have like a thing going on. Yet recently he hasn't texted me and he used to always text me and I'm really confused because last week he said to my friend that he wanted to try it with me (dating), but the thing is we can't hang out very much because we have busy schedules and my dad is super strict so I can never go out much. We still haven't hooked up, even though we both want to and we have both talked about it. I guess I dont know, Im just not sure if he still likes me and I there is a party next week and we are both going, but I feel like until then we aren't gonna hook up and so he isn't gonna talk to much to me. I'm just sad i guess and need some advice and some comfort. Thank You :)


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  • as a good human being i am obligated to say the following: how old are you? are you sure you should be hooking up? if you are really that busy and your father is that strict could a relationship even work out? also why is he telling your friend this stuff and not you? mabey he just wants to hook up and thats it.

    okay now to answer your question.. perhaps he is losing interest or like other guys he may have someone else in mind. if you do just want to hook up then it should be easy you two should be able to figure it out.
    good luck and such. by the way that first part wasn't me being a douche i just want to know more details and let you be a bit aware i guess

    • im 15, and by hooking up i mean making out not sex haha. he told her over the October break, I wasn't there, he is actually a pretty open guy. I know he doesn't just want a hook up because of all the effort and time that he has put in it.

    • Oh okay that's easy sorry I know hooking up can be either sex or make out. Just go for it. Go on a date or something and the cards should fall in place

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  • Hey : )
    I understand you fully. I used to go out with guys, I had VERY strict father. My advice from my own experience - do, what you want. I think you yourself answered your question - yes, he likes you, he wants to go out. So go out with him, show him your compassion. If it makes you argue with your father - do so. Don't be afraid of anything. This boy is just waiting for You to respond to his feelings so just stop playing hide and seek and do something to prove him you're worth to be waiting for. Text him, right now!

    • yea but like how good is ur relashionship with ur dad?

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    • Mine were good 2, and I lied, and lied, and now it is as it is. If I ever could repeat these days, only thing that I would do is - I'd never lie. Don't lie, if you want to save relationship with your dad. He will have to understand eventually some day, that you're free to do what you want. Be brave and tell him you're going out with a guy, and it is not a problem. You know what to do and what NOT to do.

    • i can't not lie, the thing is if i tell him, he will ground me and not let me go out, he will take my phone and laptop away and tht will be the end of my social life

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