Interested or just being a nice person?

There is this girl who I will refer to as "A". Anyway, ever since school started in September, I have noticed something peculiar about A. Whenever we would stand outside of class before lecture, I would always catch her looking at me and smiling.

When we were watching a video in class we would both kind of laugh and she would look directly at me and give me full eye contact and laugh, too...

Thing is, though, is that I added her on Facebook like a month ago and she only recently accepted it. When I was looking at her Facebook I noticed that she added friends way before she added me, but a lot longer after I sent her the request. This only happened when I started becoming more social with another girl in my class...

The girl in question always smiles at me and says "Hey" whenever she walks by me. In lecture last week she was sitting next to me and she was leaning on the arm chair in my direction with her chin on her hand and looking at the screen and then looking very deeply into my eyes when I started talking to her...

Now, she could just be being friendly... but I am getting the feeling that there is more than just "friends" in her mind, but she may be nervous about it because on her Facebook she doesn't have ANY pictures of her with guys at all... like, none. In her prom pics she had no guy with her, just her and her friends. She may be into women, who knows... but I am thinking that she likes me, but is extremely nervous and shy because of the age difference (I'm 24 she's 18.)

How do I get things rolling with her?


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  • When she took that long to accept u though she accepted others... I think she wanted to clean her image for you... Deleting / hiding certain pics... Maybe even a bf


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  • Yup she's interested. Just ask her out and that will tell you all you need to know.


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  • All signs point to her being interested, as for the age difference girls tend to go for older guys since they since more maturity from them. How to get things rolling with her now:

    Guy: Hey, I heard about this cool place blah blah blah
    Girl: Wow that is cool haha
    Guy:Yeah, We should go see it sometimes if you're free
    Girl: OMG Yeah totally that sounds fun
    Guy: Well let me get your phone number and Ill text you about it
    Girl: yeah okay it's xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Guy: Cool, I'll text You

    Later ON

    Guy: Hey when are free this week so we can go (insert cool place)?
    Girl: I'm free this _____
    Guy: Cool how's this (time)
    Girl: Sounds Great

    And they fucked happily ever after
    Have Fun

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