Is he opening up to me emotionally? Is he showing his vulnerable side?

I like this guy a lot, but I worry that he doesn't feel like he can open up to me.

He's told me some of his basic likes/dislikes
He's told me that he was made fun of a lot in high school for being overweight
He said he cheated on a girl who refused to break up with him and ended up in therapy
He's self conscious about his weight/looks
He told me about the prior relationship he had and how it went horribly
He's told me about his family, where he's from, what his job is, what some of his major motivators are

Am I on the right track to intimacy with this guy or is he staying pretty closed off?

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  • If he's wiling to tell you about his insecurities then it would seem so, as long as he's not the type of guy to just tell everyone that type of stuff.

    • Hmmm yeah, I can't tell about that yet. That was like the third time we met that he told me that. I guess it's pretty darn honest.

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