Accepting his request?

He want to go out with me but I don't really know him that well I only love him 50% at school people will take the piss out of me what should I do say yes or no?

  • Yes go out with him, see how it goes.
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He rejected me after he avoided me and said he would rather we were friends. That's the 4th boy who has rejected me or said I was ugly i'm in tears.


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  • If you like him, then go out with him. Why live your life based on what other think of you and him. If people take the piss out of him at school, well I can say is those people are not very nice people. Just cause they take piss out of him, doesn't make him a bad person.

    Ultimately its your decision, if you don't feel comfortable about it, then don't do it. I understand your position, the peer pressure at school is hard. But at the same time, its your life, if people take the piss out of you for it, thats their problem, and your just going to have to be toughed skinned.

    • This is very good advice thank you.

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    • You can get back at the bullies by getting better grades than them. At you can say to them, at least I am not a thick ass. If your getting good grades, just laugh at them, give them a smile or a wink. Kill your enemies with kindness, it really throw them off.

    • This is really good advice now thank you i'm going to do that on Monday! :)

  • I don't understand your question that was written in the rush. so you don't want to date a guy cause your pride might leave you or because of what others think? that is up to you, we're not dating him but you will, or not

    • This site is to seek advice, at the end of the day i'm struggling with something and looking for advice I really don't need someone telling me that it's me going out with him not them as i know that. If you don't understand the site there's a page about it on the about bit so go find that

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    • sorry posho i mean i don't fully fancy him at the moment, i'm not sure yet i haven't had much advice, clear off because you've got no advice to give

    • cause you don't take it! and aswell you only said that you may like him.
      there is no more info to work with.
      the only thing I can say is to try it out and see how it ends

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