Asking about her living situation?

Hello all,

So I met this girl recently and called her for the first time today. The conversation was going well when she said, "somebody's at my house, let me call you back." So, she texted me a couple hours later and said her friend came over to her house randomly. We texted back and forth for a bit and then I asked if she has roommates, and she didn't respond. For future reference, is that a bad/awkward thing to ask? Thanks.


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  • Well, perhaps she did have a friend randomly come over. But then she could have just said, "OH, sorry my friend just popped by. Can we continue this conversation later on? I'll text you when we are done and let you know" It's really that simple...

    What you asked her is definitely not a bad thing or awkward thing to ask. If she has something to hide it could be bad or awkward for her, but good for you to know.

    I currently live with an ex bf, so it's always hard to bring it up and explain. Some guys obviously see this as an issue. But some don't. So I am usually just straight up about it once we have been talking. I want someone to get a feel for me before bringing it up because I am not someone who will lie and cheat around.

    That;s basically how me and the ex broke up. He was talking to other girls and trying to initiate relationships with them, he found a girl and dumped me for her.

    He was verbally abusive towards me and so now that I am free I don't want to go back!

    But we are stuck in a lease. But thankfully we have another room-mate and our own separate rooms!

    I would kind of try and dig a little deeper. Find out of she has any secrets regarding her living situation.

    It may not be anything, but it could be that she is just playing it like me and really likes you and doesn't want to spring the "I live with my ex" situation on you just yet. If it's a big deal to you, then you have to make that clear and she can either figure it out or you two won't continue to see each other.


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  • No, not a "Bad/awkward thing to ask" unless the person on the other end Has----Something to hide and doesn't want to explain anything.
    And with asking about the Roomies, perhaps this was so. However, They may not be a Plural, like in "S" but One like in Single, maybe just A "Roommate" like In----Malemate, and she found That "Awkward' to explain away.
    Good luck. xx

  • she probably may feel awkward why you would want to know whose in her house but honestly that was a simple question it was not like you were asking if the person was a male or female just asked if it was a roomate if she's not responding then it may have been a ex or boyfriend or guy friend not her friend because any girl would be open about who her friend is if its just a girl

    • I mean I wasn't even asking if the person who came over was her roommate. I just asked if she had roommates because she kept talking about her house.

    • if she got mad and ignored you over that then i would think she's hiding something

    • Yea, I mean we were supposed to hang out yesterday, but I never heard from her. Oh well... number erased.

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