Is it normal for you and your guy friends to call each other babes?

Okay one thing really weird and funny is that I have this guy friend and we talk a lot. on the phone, text etc. Whenever I pick up the phone he will be like hi honey/babes/ baby and sometimes I do call him babe too whenever we text but not on the phone lol. I kind of like him but I'm not sure if he feels the same. Is it normal for guys to call their "girl" friends babe or baby without any hidden intentions/meanings? I know a lot of people do it on Facebook MySpace or whatever for fun but he doesn't do it there and only does this when I'm texting him or talking to him on the phone. confused:|


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  • i call half the world sweetie and darling so when people call me babe it doesn't really seem out of the ordinary. lol. but I'm a very big flirt and a really outgoing person. is he a flirt? do you hear him calling other people nicknames?

  • I thinks that's pretty normal, does he call his other friends that are girls that also? A lot of my guy friends will call me babe or baby, and I don't think they many anything of it. I could be wrong though. Sorry I wasn't very helpful!