How to make my homecoming date my boyfriend?

So I actually had a crush on him and I had no idea he liked me and I was so happy! He asked me after my volleyball game with a giant sign. So I really really like him and he's really nice but how do I make him more than my homecoming date? His friend told me he really really likes me but ya know he could just be saying that so idk! Please leave advice.


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  • what is with you underagers and teenagers with trying to make anyone do something.
    "i want to make him like me"
    "I want to make her stop talking so much"
    You have to be really good at mind manipulation to MAKE anyone do anything, and even then your chances are slim because a simple NO and poof.. all that work gone.
    You can't MAKE him be your boyfriend but you CAN ask him to be your boyfriend.
    Its a new day and age, it IS legal to ask a guy out. He may even like you more for taking the weight of him finding a way to ask you, off his shoulders.

  • Ask him. How else?


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  • Well the fact that he asked you to homecoming in a very public way is a good sign... that means he likes you and he doesn't care who knows! If he was only interested in being your friend then I assume he would have asked you in a less dramatic, public way, but its clear that he wanted to impress you! So I think it's safe to assume that he's interested in you, especially if his friend admitted it to you. I don't think you have anything to worry about! Just go to homecoming and have a good time, dress up and look cute and just be yourself and have fun! I'm sure he'll make the next move!