How is it I see guys who are heavy like me be successful with women but yet I have so much trouble?

How is it i see guys who are heavy like me be successful with women but yet i have so much trouble?


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  • You have to feel comfortable in your own skin.. Own who you are... Be confident..

    • Thank you. I get the sentiment but i dont know how to apply it?

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    • @rcjh1987 i never asked you i dont know why but what would you rate me? already have a haircut and I always have new clothes

    • why do people act like getting a girlfriend is no different than making a new friend the two are totally different

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  • You are giving too much importance to girls, and too less to yourself. Anyone who loves himself/herself will be well liked by all, not just girls/guys.

    • Guys already like me

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    • I don't agree. If that is the case, then he will make you start hating women too, which i am sure u don't.

    • I don't even want to make eye contact with them anymore

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  • You need self confidence, talk to girl in light- moderate conversations
    if she backs off than give her space, if she comes back to you than
    it was meant to be.. You got love yourself before expecting a girl to
    love you , i see your very sad within yourself well girls can detect
    that they will get scared if they see that they can think their causing
    you the sadness.

    • Its easier for me to love others first

    • Yes same here with me so i understand you

    • Its weird I've looked at some old posts of mine and some women said i was good looking and others said not attractive at all.. So confused

  • The fat guys that have many girls are big talkers and have some cash flow going for them as well

    • Not true, these are friends of mine and they make about the same as me

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    • I see it all the time at football games and at bars, like tonight this girl was holding this bald headed short ugly guy and I was thinking Ok to myself

    • They just seem to ooze confidence

  • My mother divorced when she was 42 and got together with a guy who was single and about 53, you still have hope. The ages are approximation because I don't keep perfect track of it, but it's something like that.

  • You don't need the ladies bro
    You're too good for em. soon enough someone will come looking for you when you least expect it. I say you pick yourself up and carry on and focus on more important stuff

    • Thank you but that makes no sense someone will come when you least expect it.. If you dont seek you won't find