Want a gf, and feeling lonely?

how to attract or impress girls.. this is for both girls and boys...
i want a gf and i don't know how i can get one..

no one here help me?
i also want to learn how to flirt a girl...


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  • Tell me about your appearance. The first thing that goes into attracting a girl is your appearance. It doesn't entirely rest upon wether you are attractive or not. If you practice good hygiene and we are nice clothes then that instantly improves your chances. Second is talking to a girl. Don't be to aggressive because it's hard to do that in the right way. Most guys who try it seem creepy. Just be pleasent and funny and that will get you some major points. Once you feel comfortable enough cominent them but not excessively. Girls love compliments. Once you two are familiar enough hug her and make it a good one. If the girl is responding to your texts not is one word phrases then you are in good shape and finally send her a flirty text you know with a heart or a winky face and see how she responds and if she responds in the same way then you are good. Lastly ask her out on a date and make it clear that it's her choice and the date doesn't mead you guys are together but you're interested in possibly having a relationship with her. If she says no then remain friends but move on. Hope this helps❤️Lol


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  • My friend don't fall into the dating trap. Believe me, it's not as cracked up as they say it is. I've had my heart broken enough times by women to know that to try to find fulfillment through another person is very dangerous to your psyche. Instead I say try to find fulfillment through your own work and your own deeds. There's a great big world out there and you can make a difference in it if you walk out there in the sunlight with your head up. I think you will find this more long lasting and rewarding than the superficial world of dating. Let me tell you something about love, peoples feelings change for each other all the time. What people call love is often only temporary. But what you do with your work and deeds can be something that can echo for eternity.

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