Help what do I do? Need advice?

It's a year I've been seeing a guy it's long distance two hour drive to see me and it's once a month , we are in our early 30s it's been fun but last night when we was in bed together I'd had a few to drink etc I nearly told him I loved him :O !!! The sex is amazing never felt like this about a man ever ! It's nothing serious just friends fun type thing , he has said he cares for me and always pleases me etc... What do I do? Confused I'm in love with him


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  • You both have a nice start to something sizzling and sparking here, I see a great chemistry that has potential for a possible partnership down the road. And with LDR that you only see once in a month of Mondays, This keeps everything alive and kicking, Blondgreeneyes.
    He has begun the beguine here by telling you that he "Cares for me," so leave it at that right now, sweetie. Don't open up a can of worms by telling him you love him, it might scare him off and no one will be "Pleased" in the end. Go slow with the flow for now. In time, with nursing and nurturing what you have here, if old Mother Nature sees fit for you both to sow the seeds she has in her hand, then a ripe ol' romance will be reaped down the road.
    Nature has its own way of calling out to you sometimes. And with being together and as spectacular as things are firing off the ground here, eventually there could be more words and even "Ground rules" to let you know where you stand and what is in store, if more, for you both in the future.
    For now, silence is golden.
    Good luck. xx

    • He's hard to read very emotionless , he say he cares for me he's the one who drives the 2 hour drive to see Me... Hate it when he goes I feel low :( I miss him , it's been a year we message every day mostly it's he who messages me , just would love to know how he felt , deep down :/

    • Thank you for your advice :) spot on , can't belive I nearly told him that I loved him !! I'm very deep not very confident with my emotions

    • LDR is hard, I know... I have a husband out in Egypt that I left behind a few years ago when we got married and came back to the states... Due to big problems in the Middle East, i have not been back to be with him. I think because your situation is what it is with the distance, he feels a lot for you for can't really get into anything heavy unless maybe you lived closer... Keep trying with him, don't push him and see where it might go... I know about feeling low, my husband and myself have hit rock bottom a million times and even now, it is touch and go... Perhaps Skype would help determine more... We did this for so long and it does help to keep the lines wide open.. Suggest it... xx

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