Guys would you be with a girl that pretends to be confident so that people like her?

im really self conscious and I have low self esteem. ever since high school i've pretended to have a super confident personality so that people like me. I think if im not funny and intertaining to be around then I have nothing else to make people like me, especially because im not that pretty and I know people wouldn't talk to me any other way. its sad I know but Im really trying to make it work. since 5th grade i've been trying really hard to be pretty. by. I also try to dress really nice ( have since 8th grade) because I think that if I dress nice people will begin to think I'm prettier, kind of like a distraction. looks is all a girl really has, ya know. So I just act like nothing's bothering me. If I just pretend to be cool the whole time, would you be okay with over looking things.


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  • I wouldn't mind. I'd imagine that I'd want her to be able to relax and be herself around me but I wouldn't judge her if that's what you're worried about. I would feel that if she's doing that I could be the guy to try and raise her self esteem or be the person she could always be herself around so it's possible that it might make me feel kinda special. But as long as she could drop the act around me occasionally I wouldn't really care other than a bit of sympathy for her feeling that she needs to pretend.
    by the way I'm kinda similar tbh. I always try to be the comedian in order to get people to like me so I can understand where you're coming from. If I had a girlfriend that preferred the act to the real me, it wouldn't really last.

    • Would you want her to tell you, but then continue to act the way she does in public. Or tell you an act the way she really is

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    • It depends on you and the guy.
      I think there will be little clues he might pick up on that would suggest you're acting a little.

      But, if it was me, I'd appreciate being directly told what the story is and what she's doing. After things have gotten to that point were we are confiding in each other.
      That said, I'm weird so don't take my word for it. :)

    • Thanks for the mh. ;)
      Btw, you shouldn't *have* to pretend for the sake of strangers. At our age, most people act a little so don't worry too much. Try and build up your self esteem; what you think about yourself is more important than what some guy thinks, including me :). Good luck!

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  • I know how you feel with that. I pretend to be confident all the time. I think if you are with a guy you like then you should be honest with him.

  • Pretending is bad.. Try to really feel confident. It's not bad to be funny but do it cause you are that way not for others.

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