Dating a chinese foreign exchange student? Anyone have any experience of this?

A friend of mine is trying to set me up with a foreign exchange student from China. What are like some major cultural divisions? Does anyone have any experience of this? Can these things work out?


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  • No.. not really...
    Where do you even live?

    How can we know what cultural differences there are if you didn't say where you live? xD

    • I live in the UK.

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    • Cool! Thank you! =)

    • Chinese girls are definitely shy compared to UK.

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  • If she is an exchange student don't expect the dating to last long because she is going to go back to her country


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  • Almost no casual sex in China. Escorts and prostitutes, yes, but sex otherwise without commitment, mostly nonexistent.

    If she's willing to sleep with you without commitment, it would most likely be because she's desperate to get a visa to stay in the US.

    • That's okay, I would rather be in a committed relationship.

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