I need help... Please someone help me?

I really like this boy but I'm not sure if he likes me back. He called me cute, he stares at me, he pays full attention whenever I talk to him, he smiles at me (he smiles at everything but with me it just feels different), he seems quiet/shy whenever I'm around, yesterday we went into a haunted house together and we were both terrified but he put his arm around my waist but I don't think he knows he did that.. I really like this boy but he's out of my league and I think he might like this other girl so I thought it would be cool to get a guys opinion on this, so please someone answer, do you think he likes me?


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  • Out of your league? This is you problem. Your quitting before you start. Life has no guarantees. Go ahead take a chance. No one here can solve your problem.

    Don't wait for the other girl to snatch him up. Ask him if he would like to go out with you for a specific date. Have a backup option if he does not like the first one. If nothing comes out of it... move on.


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  • You really like the word "but", don't you


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  • Hey you must never go putting your self down.

    I quote " I really like this boy but he's out of my league"... No guy is ever out of your league. :)

    Have you actually talked to him and told him how you feel?

    Have you asked him about this other girl and how he feels about her?

    I bet the answer is NO to both questions!

    I think he does have feelings for you otherwise why would he put a protective arm around you the other day.

    Talk to the guy, ask him to join you for perhaps a quiet chat over a coffee, it really can do you no harm at all (at the very least you would know where you stand with him) you just never know, there may very well be some lovely surprises in store for you with his replies.


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