Will we get back together?

First off, I'm a teenager. My boyfriend broke up with me last week. We dated for 6 weeks which I know isn't a long time at all, but man did I fall hard for this boy. a few days after we broke up he completely randomly said to my friend "I started liking (my name) at Chris's party" (which was in June) I have no idea why he randomly said this. he broke up with me because he said the spark was gone. Do you think he was confusing the natural thing of the relationship slowing down and losing the hype, or does he just not like me anymore? It's just hard because I was the first girl he said he loved and we were each others first kiss. A few days before we broke up they were playing this "have you eve"r game and the question was "have you been in love this school year" and he was the only one in the class to walk forward. Even in front of his sporty friends. I'm not in this class with him, someone just told me what happened. So what do you think? Will we be back together?


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  • I don't know. If your still into him, work to get back together and see if things improve.


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  • Girl you are young but yes I think so. There's hope. If not then there isn't. My ex and I we didn't say I love you till months later but we were like that he broke up with me bc he didn't know what he wanted but he came back. We were together for 3 yrs. recently ended. Just keep ur chin up he will come around. Definitely look good :). Makes you feel good and he sees that you look good

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