Made out with girl, thought she liked me. No reply to text?

Went out on a first date with a girl. By the end of the date she was all over me. We made out, although no sex.

We made plans to see each other again and when she got home she texted me saying she really enjoyed the night and was hoping I hadn't changed my mind about her (in terms of seeing her again).

The next day I texted her saying id love to see her again and suggested a date, but it's been a day now and no response.

Ugh, this is so frustrating. What do you think happened? Do you think she changed her mind about me?


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  • What if something happened to her cell phone. AKA dropped it into the toilet?

    People become way too attached to electronic communication these days, which sucks.

    After another day or two, then start to get pissed. If there's a reasonable explanation, than there is.

    Too bad y'all don't have each others email or Facebook or something for another way to communicate.


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  • I am thinking that she is either really busy or something happened to her phone.

  • She's teasing you. She's delaying replying to ensure that you really like her and are not just after her for sex. She made out with you on a date and was all flush and hyped up from the experience. She will contact you again and you go from there. I don't believe you've lost this girl.

    • Thanks for trying to make me feel better, but this is killing me. I'm going to wait a couple of days before trying to get in touch with her again. Going to be the longest couple of days of my life.

    • No worries. I can imagine how awful it is - been there myself. It is hard but you will get to see each other again. Also, what do you know about her family, any responsibilities that she has because sometimes you just have to divert your attention away from where you want it to be. She probably just has other stuff going on in her life and has had to prioritise that over contacting you.

    • Are you her by any chance? Lol. Who knows what's happening. Just have to wait it and see.

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  • to be honest maybe she got busy and has not replied back obviously she did enjoy it and she did text you back after, give it some time and see what happens, do you know if she had anything big planned after that day?