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When was the first time that you found out that someone was crushing on you through either them telling you, gossip, or they asked someone to tell you? Not including elementary school, haha. And not because you felt like they liked you, you have to have heard it out of someone's mouth other than your own.

Stories welcome too. =)

  • 7th or 8th grade
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  • 9th grade
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  • 10th grade
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  • 11th grade
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  • 12th grade plus
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  • Back in high school, when I was about 14 or 15, we did these Square Dance things in Gym C. It involved grade 8s through 10, and even a few seniors might show up.

    Anyway I was partnered up with this girl a grade younger than me. It might have even been two years younger, I'm not sure.

    Anyway I guess this girl felt some chemistry because later that day her friend came up to me in the cafeteria and asked if I would be interested in dating her friend -- something to that effect. I flatly said no, because I would lose status in the eyes of my peers for dating a younger girl. At least that was my rationale. Plus, I had my eyes on much more beautiful girls, to be totally honest. This gal did not set my heart racing.

    The very ironic thing was that some years earlier, I had been stalking a girl that I liked around the elementary school yard. I was in grade 7 and my crush was in grade 6. Her name is Cayley. Anyway, this very same friend of the first girl, came up to me and told me to knock it off! So she was really the harbinger of unglad tidings, so to speak! Missy Richmond, her name was. The friend.

    So there's my story.


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  • Well, me and this girl always sort of had this thing for each other but I wasn't quite sure. So the teacher gave us new assigned seats and we happened to be placed right beside each other, and she asked me "guess who I like?" and I said the name of some other guy, she said "no silly, I like you." and I asked her tha same question and gave her the same answer.

  • I overheard something in grade 7 about a girl liking me, though she wouldn't admit and really didn't seem to act like it.

    Nothing other than speculation based on behavior in between

    First time someone admitted it was grade 10.

    Very few since then.


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  • 6th grade